Entry #6

Games And Art

2013-01-05 08:00:10 by rsetienne

One of my resolutions was to be more productive this year, so i made sure non of my days goes to waste. I try doing as many things as possible and only sleep for 14 hours a day ( yup, i am doing great ).

I haven't submitted any games yet and i really want to be do so. So i recently dived into flash game programing and i make sure i study it for at least 2 hours a day for the next 2 months, so far its looking positive. I have successfully made progress. Yea i also did some fan art for kellz5460 , you can check that right here. Its a character from her series G.P.S , Go watch her stuff. . . Serioulsy !

O yea btw while you are there, ummm it would be great if you click that recommend for the art portal button. Yah, i want to be releasing more art too since its easier to do than full length animations, soooo umm yah. Kay bye


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2013-01-06 21:55:13