Games And Art

2013-01-05 08:00:10 by rsetienne

One of my resolutions was to be more productive this year, so i made sure non of my days goes to waste. I try doing as many things as possible and only sleep for 14 hours a day ( yup, i am doing great ).

I haven't submitted any games yet and i really want to be do so. So i recently dived into flash game programing and i make sure i study it for at least 2 hours a day for the next 2 months, so far its looking positive. I have successfully made progress. Yea i also did some fan art for kellz5460 , you can check that right here. Its a character from her series G.P.S , Go watch her stuff. . . Serioulsy !

O yea btw while you are there, ummm it would be great if you click that recommend for the art portal button. Yah, i want to be releasing more art too since its easier to do than full length animations, soooo umm yah. Kay bye

Productivity, Money, getting laid.

2013-01-02 03:50:39 by rsetienne

Hey sup humans

Sooooooooooooo, i have been a bitch lately and haven't released anything in the last 4 month. Why? because as i said earlier i have been a bitch, keep up. No but seriously, i had some serious creativity issues, i start a project and not finish it because i get bored of it, i ask help from VAs and get fucked over ( you know yourself ) and procrastination too. So i punched myself a couple of times in the nuts in order to punish myself for being so unproductive. I took a couple of new years resolutions in to help me focus, and we all know resolutions make every problems magically disappear.

I took 3 resolutions. The first one is to make as much money as possible by any means. Dealing drugs and selling my kidney are very high on my list. the second one is to get laid as much as possible, it is going to be easy enough when i get the money. And the last one is to be more productive, so i should not have time to be bored or just lurk on NG for no good reason, and release as much content as possible, i am also considering participating in the NATA, if there is any this year. It will push me to be more productive and increase my SKILLZZ.

I am also considering posting stuff on my news feed every 2 weeks since i know the 1 person that actually spends his time to read this just cant wait to know what is happening in my life ( seriously stop wasting your time here, go cure cancer or something ). I will be documenting my progress on getting laid and share some of my sextapes with you ( you should look forward to that) jk. Well you get the point i am just going to make sure i have something to show every 2 weeks or so . Well ummm, if you made it to the end of this news post you should reward yourself with something ( touch yourself).

Okay umm i am done. Okay bye.

NG Hiatus

2012-10-29 04:33:50 by rsetienne

I have been an active member of Newgrounds for about 4 months now and it has been kinda fun, i met cool new people and learned a bunch of stuff. Anyway i have been a little too invested in the site and i think i have to get my priorities straight. So i am taking a break from NG, about a couple of months or so. I will pass by once in a while.

Anyway when i come back i believe i might have something good to offer NG (hopehully). Anyway i just noticed i used "anyway " alot when i write stuff, which makes me sound like i don't have many words in my vocabulary .

BTW check out Kellz5460, i did a couple of stuff with her and she will be releasing a new original animation of hers soon, check her out.

Okay i guess that wraps it up. BYE!!!! see yah in December.

Loosing Interest

2012-09-27 06:28:07 by rsetienne

Recently i have not been able to find much interest in anything anymore. When i start something i find it extremely hard to finish it and i even forget why i started it in the first place, what the hell is wrong with me? I don't seem to find a purpose in anything anymore and am tired of everything. You know what ? i think i will just end my life here instead of bitching about my life. It was cool guyz seeya in hell.

Meh am just kiddin plus am sure even in hell things wont be able to interest me. I feel like my life is just passing by with nothing happening worth mentioning. When people usually gather around and talk about their exciting adventures and how they slayed monsters or when Stacy kissed their boyfriends or that flash mob orgy at the mall they attended , i never have anything to share. School is just meh, work is meh and i don't know that many people in my area so its also meh. Am taking suggestions guys, please help me with this. I think i will go rob a bank in order to spice up my life.

It All Ends

2012-09-13 16:21:05 by rsetienne

Almost done with this animation i have been doing in between classes and homework. Its not a parody of Sonic, Mario, or Zelda ( the typical NG stuff). Its just something i decided to do to distract me from my real life problems. Now that its almost done i guess i will have to face them. HUH!! life sucks. Anyway i guess i will just try creating the life i want in my animations.

Anyway this is what it will look like.

It All Ends

Who sent you here?

2012-07-28 10:35:55 by rsetienne

How the hell did you get here, are you stalking me? anyway if you are here might as well check some vids and send me nude photos (ladies only). Gawd what the hell am i writing. I feel like my brain shrinks everytime am in here. Am out, i need to get a real life and so do you.